It's time to rethink Bone Health

Go beyond bone density.

BoneScore® is not another bone density test. It’s a first-of-its-kind, FDA-cleared test for measuring bone without radiation. BoneScore® gauges the softness of bone tissue to help physicians better understand the quality of your bone. BoneScore’s® cutting-edge technology has garnered international recognition and is pushing doctors to re-think how bone health can be assessed.

Bone density is not enough.

Determining bone strength requires more than just density. No tools exist to diagnose the quality of bone, so it’s often ignored. BoneScore® is a brand-new test that physically tests the bone on a microscopic scale to offer insights into the quality of your bone tissue and help your doctor assemble a more complete understanding of your bone health.

Take control of your bone health.

More information, not less, should be considered when making important healthcare decisions. Bones can change quickly, yet bone density is only measured once every few years. Diet, exercise, disease, treatment, and aging are among the many factors that may cause bones to change. Waiting years is too long. Track changes more frequently with BoneScore®.

Do you want to include BoneScore® in the bone health assessment at your Clinic?

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