Bone Score™ for Patients

Strong and healthy bones are critical for mobility. Bone Score™ provides a deeper understanding of how bone tissue actually feels and functions. This helps your physician to better understand your bone, providing previously unavailable data for them to consider.

Did you know that bone density is only one part of determining bone health?

Strong, healthy bone requires contributions from three key factors: density, structure, and tissue quality. X-rays are used to estimate bone ‘density’, or the amount of mineral in your bones. However, there are very few tools available to your doctor for the two other important factors: structure and tissue quality. This makes determining the health of your bones difficult.

The lack of available data about our bone health is a problem.

For example, most fragility fractures occur in patients with non-osteoporotic bone density. In fact, there are a wide variety of conditions that negatively affect your bone health and can be missed by bone density, including disease, treatment, and lifestyle. Additional data helps fill the missing pieces of the puzzle to give you a more complete picture of your bone health.

Bone Score™ offers a new way to better understand your bone health.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Bone Score™ microscopically feels your bone tissue and measures how well your bone tissue resists a safe, microscopic challenge. Bone Score™ is an easy, radiation-free assessment that provides previously unavailable data to you and your physician that you can consider, along with other factors, when discussing your bone health.

Bone Score™: when your bone health is unclear.

By adding a Bone Score™ evaluation to your examinations, you and your physician gain a deeper understanding of how your bone tissue feels and, with that knowledge, better manage your bone health. Bone Score™ adds information that, along with current diagnostic tests, paints a more comprehensive picture of your bone health. This new data point can be tracked over shorter periods of time to detect changes in bone due to lifestyle, aging, or other actions.

Bone Score™ unlocks the power of touch.

Physical touch is an important part of medical evaluations. From estimating temperature to investigating swelling, tactile feedback provides unique and useful information to your physician. Bone Score™ objectively quantifies how bone feels, providing insight into whether your bone tissue is harder or softer, which is useful to a physician’s overall assessment of your bone health.

The Bone Score™ procedure results in a simple numerical score.

Bone Score™ is a brief, straightforward procedure performed at the shin during a routine office exam. For comfort, local anesthetic is used to numb the measurement location and then a small sterile acupuncture-like Tip slips through your skin to the surface of your bone. Your practitioner will then take several readings and apply a small bandage.

After the readings are obtained, your Bone Score™ will be displayed. Bone Score™ results quantify the resilience of your bone to a microscopic challenge. Higher scores reflect greater resistance to a microscopic challenge (i.e., harder) and lower scores reflect less resistance (i.e., softer), with most patients scoring between 50-100 on the scale.

Bone Score™ is powered by science.

Developed by world renowned researchers at top medical institutions in the United States, Europe, and Australia, Bone Score™ is widely published in independent clinical studies investigating treatments, interventions, exercise, osteoporosis, and fracture.

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