Do you know there’s a new way to better understand your bone health?

What’s Your Bone Score ?

Physicians typically rely on Bone Density tests to measure bone health. Bone Density is an indirect test that is performed every few years. Now, a simple FDA-cleared device provides you new information to better understand and track changes in your bone. Bone Score™ is an easy, safe, and radiation-free assessment that provides a previously unavailable piece of information to you and your physician that you can consider, along with other factors, when discussing your bone health, prevention, detection, and treatment.

Bone Score empowers you and your physician with new information about your bones in real time.

Strong and healthy bones are critical for mobility. Bone Score™ provides a deeper understanding of how bone tissue actually feels and functions. This helps your physician to better understand your bone, providing previously unavailable data for them to consider.

Your Bone Score

This chart contains example data and has no clinical significance.

Get the full picture.

By adding a Bone Score™ evaluation to your examinations, you and your physician will gain a deeper understanding of how your bone tissue feels and, with that knowledge, better manage your bone health. Bone Score™ fills in a missing piece of the puzzle, and along with current diagnostic tests, can give a more complete picture of your bone health.

How does Bone Score work?

Your Bone Score™ is available immediately following a brief physician assessment. The assessment uses state-of-the-art technology to microscopically feel your bone tissue. Bone Score™ leaves you and your physician feeling more informed, with a more complete understanding of your bone health.

Take control of your bone health.

Bones change at a rapid pace, yet bone density is only measured every few years. With Bone Score™ you can measure your bone more often, enabling you to manage your activities and monitor changes in your body as you age. Make your bone health a priority with routine Bone Score™ measurements.

Find a Bone Score Physician

Find a Bone Score™ Physician

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